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Exclusive Japanese products

Fresh tuna fish fillet


Itsumo has re-engineered old Japanese fishing traditions with today’s quality control for a sustainable future. 


Itsumo Hamachi is farmed in one of Itsumo Sashimi Facilities in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan. Kagoshima is known for its pristine water quality that provides ideal conditions for fish to thrive and develop a clean, natural flavour.

Fresh yellowtail fish fillet
Japanese white rice


Itsumo rice is sourced from local farmers who follow ethical practices in their production methods. In Japan, agriculture is an important industry, and many rice farmers take pride in their work and are committed to producing high-quality rice while also preserving the environment and supporting their local communities. 


Itsumo has created the world's safest authentic Japanese Sushi system.

Japanese sushi assorted
Fresh fish

​Fresh Fish

Unique products from all over Japan where our expert graders chose daily the very highest quality products from suppliers we have cultivated relationships with over 20 years.

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