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About Allseas Sushi

Our ingredients come direct from Japan to our Sushi assembly facility in Toronto
where it is prepared to the highest standards

Allseas Sushi has partnered with ITSUMO to create the world's safest Sushi production system and provide authentic Japanese Sushi to customers throughout Toronto. 

Our unparalleled process begins at sea, where our advanced fishing vessels use cutting-edge technology to preserve the freshness of the seafood.
National Geographic: Itsumo Tuna
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 Our next-generation technology for freshness (National Geographic, ITSUMO episode)

Each artful Japanese Sushi creation is packed in our specially designed packaging to ensure the fresh and delicious taste that only real Japanese Sushi can offer.

Allseas Sushi Pack
Allseas Sushi Pack
Sushi is an art and in its most perfect Japanese form, an unforgettable experience.
Allseas Sushi takes the Sushi experience to the level of perfection that you will find in the finest Sushi restaurants in Tokyo.
Japanese Food Supporter

Allseas Sushi is an official Japanese Food and Ingredients Supporter, certified by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)

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